Behavioral Response Evaluation

First and only automated testing sequence for evaluation and tracking of related mental health behavioral response


Virtually every day there is national news coverage of an incident involving mental health illness.  It is estimated that mental health issues cost in excess of $200 billion in the US alone and more than $8.5 Trillion world-wide.  The public is outraged at the escalation of occurrence’s involving affected individuals as well as for innocent bystanders who could be unsuspecting targets.  Logically, the only large scale detection system that we have is the healthcare community.

Like it or not, every healthcare professional dealing with chronic care patients has a duty to their patients and society to identify mental illness and to intervene as may be needed.  The earlier the detection and treatment, the less likely that the disease will progress to an untenable degree.  This doesn’t mean that the estimated 20% of the population needs to be medicated, but that there are safe therapies as well as personal attention that can be very effective and helpful.


Enter the BRE Program.  The Behavioral Response Evaluation Program has been designed to make the process for mental health detection efficient and targeted.  Providers who are already over taxed with time constraints can use a partially automated program that will both identify patients with risk factors and have them complete well researched assessments, followed by graphical and numerical results for providers to interpret in a variety of ways.  The system helps practitioners determine which patients require family, group or specialist intervention as well as those that can be treated locally using various first line therapies, some of which are included in the BRE Program.

In the most recent year of healthcare statistics, for the first time in a long trending period, life expectancy has decreased. Although heart disease as the number one killer has declined, (we believe this is attributed to more prevalent HRV, PWV and SMF testing) related circumstances from substance abuse, depression and overall mental health have increased overdoses, homicide and suicide rates.


The good news is that VS Diagnostics is now offering the first and only automated testing sequence to its clients for evaluation and tracking of related mental health behavioral response.

BRE Testing is the first and only automated testing sequence for evaluation and tracking of mental health disorders.


Not only can the BRE Program help each provider do their job better and more efficiently, but can also provide an objective tracking and monitoring system for brain health.  It is important that providers realize that as a consequence of many commonly prescribed medications, undetected side effects can cause serious mental health issues.  Whether it be depression, addiction, anxiety or cognitive impairment, all or any of these can lead to aggressive acts that can harm the patient as well as others.