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The three tests included in the VSD testing series have been combined and micronized into a portable set of equipment that fits in a legal sized briefcase. It is important to note that although the current generation of equipment is compact, it still has all the diagnostic power of previous equipment generations, only now conveniently comprised of a single computer interface and two plug-in components. Crucial to this program is our unique software program that automatically uploads patient demographic and medical history, as well as test results for comparison of individual patient results with our extensive database.

In the past, testing Heart Rate Variability, Pulsewave Velocity, & Sudomotor Function were done with 3 large, separate machines.

Old HRV Equipment

Old PWV Equipment

Old SUDO Equipment

No communication between software


Takes up a lot of office space with no portability


No customized easy-to-interpret reports


Very costly equipment; no comprehensive program

Next Generation VSAT has micronized these into a compact, state-of-the-art, mobile testing unit for ease of storage, portability, & maximum communication between tests.

According to the New LCD rules which are available to any jurisdiction to adopt at any time, mechanical oscillometry (automated blood pressure cuff) among other stipulations for billing 93923 is no longer reimbursable.  The stellar news is that VSD uses Volume Plethysmography which is specifically included in the reimbursement LCD.


VSAT Combined HRV and PWV with volume plethysmography  and Passive Tilt Apparatus

This new technology provides:

  • Integrated reports for easy interpretation

  • Slight physical stressors for more functional information

  • A micronized diagnostic solution with cyberspace communication